DINEW!!! Read our new booklet about YID

Do you want to know more?
Read our new booklet about the education at YID.

International Volunteer Program

Volunteers work with children and poor farmers in Yunnan, China. Educational program (in English) includes learning Chinese language.

Indian Kids performing dramaReport from India

Chinese development instructor Hika sent a report from India telling us what she experienced in the project "Academy for street and working children Gurgaon, HUMANA People to People" in March 2008

We need more volunteers who can wake up this boy and enlighten him. Come to Join YID, in China!!!

Hi, Iím Ryu Hyun-ok from Korea. We need caring and responsible volunteers.Donít hesitate! You are always welcomed.

Preschool opening The preschool opening ceremonies in Feija

Ayako from Japan and I went to the Feijia elementary school to train the two new preschool teachers in Aguhei and Duozhe.

My third Project Week

Last week I stayed in Haiwei for one week. And this is my third project week. Haiwei will be my project area for next 5 months, but I still have not been to Haiwei, and I know only little about it. I was wondering how I can stay there for 5 months?

DNS students with Chinese Rural Family

how is the daily life of normal people, how is the program of Chinese spring festival?

What to expect for your Camp Future

YID is the perfect place to do the Specific part of Camp Future. Why, you might ask?

Ann from the September 2006 team

My experience in the project area. Study and work with DIs from the May 2006 team.

Giulia Fabris, Jan/Feb team,2006Why I chose to become a DI?

By Giulia Fabris, Jan/Feb team,2006

Preschool teachers going back loaded with clothes, shoes and toysCollection of children clothes

First week of February we collected clothes for the children in Daxi. Read the report from Thomas, present Development Instructor in China.

Jeanette together with the TCM Field OfficersJeanette about TCM in Botswana - Total Community Mobilization

Henna and Jeanette have spent 6 months in Botswana in southern Africa. The job was to educate about how to control AIDS. In Botswana 40% of the population is infected!!

President Muluzi of Malawi is being introduced to the programme of the HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Teacher Training Colleges by the Chairman of the Federation Maria Darsbo and Country Director of DAPP in Malawi Lisbeth Hansen.Partnership in Development

Creating partnerships and seeking joint development efforts with many partners is an essential part of making changes for the better.

Walnut seminar in Feijia

26th of December we held a seminar for 90 farmers, training them about how to earn an extra income growing walnut trees.

Crossroad- by Gisele

Finished the DI training program in CICD and volunteer work for TCE project in Africa, now Giselle is a teacher in YID.


Next team starting in September 1, 2008

Welcome to join our new September team 2008. The studies at YID go hand in hand with the actions in project areas. The team lasts 11 months......

Want to read our website in Chinese

Click here for Chinese 中文

Life in YuxiHello everyone, my name is Andrea.

I come from Italy, to be specific from Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Iím 26 years old and before I came to Yuxi I was a student in the University of Cagliari

Expirence gained in the HPP projects in China - by Nayla Abou-Khalil - DI September 2006 Team

The clouds are hanging in-between the green mountains like giant soft cotton balls. But unlike cotton balls they are creeping up the mountain slowly and soon we are enveloped by them.

Over the RainbowGet To Know Our Colorful Team

Brief Introduction of Team September, 2005

Letter from Echo

I have been in Zambia over one month, I got this opportunity to use internet today on occasionally.

Letter From Dessie-Sept. Team

Only 4 months here , I learned and experienced a lot which I never tried before.

The little boy in the garden of traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Yuxi - with his father and our arealder, who translated between Chinese and Shansu, and Bao Qiao Li, Development Instructor  from YIDLife is full of love....

A 4 year old boy from one of our Preschools needed an operation - so with coordinated help also from people from Yuxi, he is now cured and happy!

New Team Members and New TeacherWelcome Our New Team-January,2006

January Team in full speed!

Report from Lifei,Team January ,2005

AIDS Actions 2005

YID organized a series of activities to spread
knowledge about HIV/AIDS to the public.

AIDS day in Yuxi 2004

Liu Ran had just arrived to YID when she got involved in the AIDS activities around 1st of December 2004. Read her story.

Experiences from 1 week with starting up new projects.

First of all, thank you so much for letting us spend a week with you and your team. It has been a valuable experience and it was also a lot of fun!

Janni returned from Zambia

Janni - SunYanYing - has returned after 6 months as a Development Instructor in Zambia. Read her experiences.

A lot of fun and games - here learning about the body.Week-long Preschool Seminar in YID

We have just finished the training seminar for Preschool teachers. Read the report from Thomas, present Development Instructor in China.

Travel letter from Thomas in China

Yunnan Institute of Development DRH lies in the town of Yuxi in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. The province is known for its natural wealth and beauty. Shangri La - or whatever it is called in Chinese - lies here as well.


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